Tai Chi in Brooklyn

Private class: 1 student
Semi-private class: 2-3 students

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[practicing Tai Chi in Brooklyn, NY] [practicing Tai Chi in Brooklyn, NY] [practicing Tai Chi in Brooklyn, NY]

What is Tai Chi?

  1. Tai Chi is a martial art. Beneath each flowing, dance-like move is a fighting technique.
  2. Tai Chi is a type of qigong. Qi is the Chinese term for “breath” or “life energy.” Qigong is an exercise that cultivates and balances qi.
  3. Tai Chi is a fitness exercise. Over the centuries, Tai Chi martial artists have choreographed sequences of Tai Chi fighting techniques in order to practice. These sequences are called “forms.” Today, people all over the world practice Tai Chi forms, not necessarily to fight, but as a fitness exercise to improve health and well-being.
  4. Tai Chi is a form of meditation. When practiced mindfully, with quiet focus and deep breathing, Tai Chi becomes a form of meditation in motion.