Yang Style 24 Tai Chi Chuan Form

A great form for beginners and more advanced practitioners alike. Yang style is the most widely practiced style of Tai Chi in the world, best known for its large, open postures; soft, flowing movements; and slow, even pace. The more you practice this form, the more satisfying it becomes.

  1. Commence Form
  2. Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane
  3. White Crane Spreads Wings
  4. Brush Knee, Push Forward
  5. Strum the Lute
  6. Repulse Monkey
  7. Grasping the Bird’s Tail, Left
  8. Grasping the Bird’s Tail, Right
  9. Single Whip
  10. Cloud Hands
  11. Single Whip
  12. High Pat on Horse
  13. Kick with Right Heel
  14. Punch to the Ears
  15. Kick with Left Heel
  16. Snake Creeps Down & Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg, Left
  17. Snake Creeps Down & Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg, Right
  18. Fair Lady Works Shuttle
  19. Needle at Bottom of the Sea
  20. Flashing Arms Like Fan
  21. Deflect Down, Parry and Punch
  22. Apparent Close
  23. Cross Hands
  24. Closing Form

Note: 24 Form contains 36 individual moves if you count repetitions and combinations. This is how some long forms, such as Yang Style 108, do their counting. For example, the second move in 24 Form is repeated three times, but is only counted once; the sixteenth move is actually a combination of two different moves. If you count each repetition and combination separately, 24 Form becomes 36 moves.