Combined 42 Tai Chi Chuan Form

This lively and challenging hand form combines movements from the four major styles of Tai Chi Chuan: Yang, Chen, Sun and Wu. Chen is the most vigorous style of Tai Chi and highlights explosive power (fajing). Sun style is known for its small, agile steps and emphasis on qigong. Wu style adds an extra dose of spiral energy.

  1. Commence Form
  2. Grasping the Bird’s Tail
  3. Single Whip
  4. Hand Up
  5. White Crane Spreads Wings
  6. Brush Knee, Push Forward
  7. Turn to Strike with Diagonal Back Fist
  8. Roll Back and Press Forward
  9. Deflect Down, Parry and Punch
  10. Apparent Close
  11. Opening and Closing Hands
  12. Single Whip
  13. Fist Under Elbow
  14. Turn and Push Palm
  15. Fair Lady Works Shuttle
  16. Kick with Heel
  17. Strike with Hidden Fist
  18. Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane
  19. Cloud Hands
  20. Step Back to Subdue Tiger
  21. Kick with Right Toes
  22. Punch to the Ears
  23. Kick with Left Toes
  24. Pat the Foot
  25. Punch to Groin
  26. Diagonal Flying
  27. Snake Creeps Down
  28. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
  29. Step Back and Thread Palm
  30. Press Palm in Empty Stance
  31. Lift Palm and Stand on One Leg
  32. Lean in Half Horse Stance
  33. Turn with Full Roll Back
  34. Hold and Punch in Dragon Stance
  35. Thread Palm as Snake Creeps Down
  36. Step Forward to Seven Stars
  37. Stand on One Leg to Ride Tiger
  38. Lotus Kick
  39. Draw Bow to Shoot Tiger
  40. Grasping the Bird’s Tail
  41. Cross Hands
  42. Closing Form

Note: 42 Form contains 58 individual moves if you count repetitions and combinations.