Tai Chi Sword (Jian)

Tai Chi performed with a double-edged straight sword (jian). Big fun!

  1. Commence Form
  2. Immortal Guardian Points the Way
  3. Three Rings Circle the Moon
  4. Dragonfly Dips Into Water
  5. Big Dipper
  6. Swallow Skims Across the Water
  7. Sweep Right, Sweep Left
  8. Nezha Conquers the Sea
  9. Embracing the Moon
  10. Birds Return to Forest at Dusk
  11. Black Dragon Sweeps Tail
  12. Green Dragon Emerges from Water
  13. Lotus Leaves Swirling in the Wind
  14. Lion Shakes His Mane
  15. Tiger Holds His Head
  16. Wild Horse Jumps Over Stream
  17. Little Dipper
  18. Scoop Up the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea
  19. Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon
  20. White Gorilla Offers Fruit
  21. Brushing Dust into the Wind
  22. Push the Boat Down the River
  23. Comet Chases the Moon
  24. Lifting the Curtain
  25. Spiraling the Sword
  26. Swallow Picks at Mud with Its Beak
  27. Phoenix Spreads Its Wings
  28. Yellow Bee Returns to Nest
  29. Embracing the Moon
  30. Wind Sweeping Plum Blossoms
  31. Quick Cat Catches Mouse
  32. Closing Form